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Child Tax Credit:You Need This IRS Letter to Get Your Money| IRS Letter 6419 includes important info

Taxpayers who received advance child tax credit payments should have received IRS Letter 6419.

Even though advance monthly payments of the expanded child tax credit ended back in December, most eligible families can claim the rest of their money -- at least $1,800 per child under 6 or $1,500 per child 6 to 17 -- when they file their tax returns this season.

In order to make that claim, however, parents will need IRS Letter 6419, 2021 advance CTC. The IRS issued these letters in December and January to families who received any advance monthly payments for the child tax credit last year. The agency urges taxpayers to keep the notice, because information in the letter needs to be included in parents' 2021 tax returns.

Unfortunately, the IRS has warned that some of the information in the letters might be wrong, which could surely complicate tax filing. The IRS suggested that taxpayers who moved or changed bank accounts in December may be affected and should log into their online IRS account to confirm their details. The agency stressed that the IRS website has accurate information on child tax credit payments.

Source: Child Tax Credit: You Need This IRS Letter to Get Your Money |CNET Money

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